/ what.

Whether you have an idea for a new product, need a bespoke desk for difficult space, or want a piece of objet d'art in your garden - I can help bring your ideas to fruition. From a napkin sketch all the way through to finished object, production ready prototype, and installation.

Coffee tables
/ Katherine Pooley Design Studio

Prickly Lamp
/ Artist - Lucy McRae

Harrods Eveningwear - Glass Screens
/ David Collins Studio

Boat Interior
/ self designed and built home studio

Garden Sculpture
/ Private client

/ how.

For  interior designers, agencies & design professionals, I can help at any stage of the process.  From right at the beginning of a project with creative to technical design to 3D CAD modelling & visuals through to project management, production and delivery.

design thinking

At the beginning of any design journey lies the intent and formulation of a brief, outlining the design problem, delineating the constraints & criteria. It is with a strong foundation of understanding that we can build creatively to research, solve and brainstorm avenues to explore.

Design thinking and the design process has been well documented elsewhere but broadly speaking, it involves a combination of the following in sequential and/or iterative steps.

Problem Identification
Research / Observation
Brief Formulation
Brainstorming / Creativity
Concept Development
Prototyping &Testing
Implementation & Evaluation

Aviary Chair
/ Fredrikson Stallard

Fendi x Selfridges
/ Elemental Design

project management

I have many years experience producing and managing  a wide variety of high value projects, making sure that the often times complex elements come together cohesively on budget and on time.

As the makeup of each project is invariably different, I draw from a trusted list of manufacturers & contacts that I have worked with over the years to help produce your desired outcomes.

Taking care at each step of the way, making sure that every member of the team is as detail oriented as can be is paramount to delivering projects successfully.




I help people realise their ideas for objects, furniture and interiors.

/ what.

I offer bespoke design, product development and visualization services for private clients, interior designers, design agencies, architects and startups.

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/ how.

I can help with creative and technical consulting, full CAD development and detailing, 3D modelling, computer rendering and visualisation of concepts.

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/ who.

Process & Intent is the design and development practice I setup myself - Paolo de Jesus, to help people, companies and organisations with their creative endeavours. 

I am a product designer and developer with over 10 years of experience in the London 'Design Art' industry. I have previously worked as the Head of Production at David Gill Gallery and as a director for We Make Extraordinary Objects.

/ where.

Process & Intent is based in London and Berlin. 

Somewhat of a digital nomad, I work from a floating studio barge on the Regents & Grand Union canals in London and also a stones throw away from the Landwehr Canal in Kreuzberg when in Berlin


/ why.

I am a firm believer in the power of design thinking to help improve all facets of our lives.

"Designing is not a profession but an attitude. Design has many connotations. It is the organization of materials and processes in the most productive way, in a harmonious balance of all elements necessary for a certain function. It is the integration of technological, social, and economical requirements, biological necessities, and the psychological effects of materials, shape, color, volume and space. Thinking in relationships."
Lazslo Moholy-Nagy